An Evening in Sankey!!

What do you think is the most wonderful way of passing time on a lazy Sunday evening?? Watching TV?? Nahh.. I don’t know why they telecast boring movies on Sundays. Hmm catching up with friends?? Well Saturdays are meant for that, go out meet friends, get back late and crash. You would not want to sleep late on a Sunday, considering you have to go to work on Monday.

But still it is hard to kill time on a Sunday evening, but I recently found a new time pass module for my entertainment on Sunday evenings. Hit the Sankey Tank and observe people. You will find the best movies, the best daily soaps and the best novels all running live in front of you.

You will shortly know why this amuses me so much. So, I decided to go for a walk in Sankey tank on a Sunday evening!! It was around 6.45 p.m when I reached the place. The Sun was down and it was quite dark, just the lights from the pole lamps sufficient enough to brighten people’s faces in the dark. So as I started my stroll, the first person I encountered was an old man who was desperately trying to increase his lifespan, meaning he was walking so brisk, moving his hands in a circular fashion. Two people actually dodged him or else they would have been hurt real bad!! This guy reminded me of AB in “Buddha hoga tera Baap”!!
The next two people were a couple who were probably trying to arouse their romanticism. The guy was trying to hold her, but she was a little uncomfortable and the minute she looked at me right opposite to them, she blushed like a newlywed. The guy immediately took off his hands from her!
As we moved along, there was another couple sitting on the bench. There was a note painted on the back of the bench stating “Obscene behavior is punishable by law”. But the couple, either couldn’t read English or they were the hard core lovers, clearly smitten by Cupid who vowed to each other “Pyaar kiya toh Darna Kya”. They were on and on. Ahem!! I don’t think I need to elaborate on what they were busy at. Two kids who passed by that bench, saw the couple and started giggling covering their mouths with their hands. But the couple clearly had no clue of what was happening around them. They were deeply immersed in PDA.
Then came along a “Hum Saath Saath Hain“ family who were bonding so well at the park. The ladies were busy discussing about what to wear for a family function, with each one ready to offer a piece from their wardrobe for the occasion. The men were obviously discussing about “Cricket” and how badly India was playing shouting abuses at the Indian Players. I was wondering that if Virat Kohli were to play in India, then he would have been showered with more abuses than what Aussies showered on him. Don’t know how his reaction would be then. The youngsters were just aimlessly running probably they never get so much space in their house, considering the number of people that live in their house. That was the typical “parivaar” scene.
Then came along the so called handsome hunk who was trying to jog with an Ipod on. Well I used the word “TRYING” because he was trying hard to impress a chic sitting on a bench lost in her own world. I was observing this Guy’s Jogging Pattern. He would just jog fast in front of the chic, Would stand at 10 meters distance from her bench and do some stretches and then when he was at a distance where she could not see him, he would just walk lazily, get some energy, breathe in some fresh air, think of new ideas to impress the chic and then go back near the bench and jog in front of her. On one such iteration of his, he slipped and fell down and chic happened to see Mr Humtpy Dumpty have a fall and she laughed!!. Well that was the LOL moment of the day. Poor chap, all his efforts went down the drain.
Next I came across this really grumpy couple who were ready to kill each other. They had a fight over something, the girl was really upset and was taking him to task. The guy hung his head low and was nodding at the reprimanding girl. Bechaara!!! He probably thought that the ambience in Sankey tank would soften her mood but unfortunately when girls get angry, it’s hard to convince them.
Well, oh yes then came along our Hanging Jack!! Remember a game that we played in childhood, “ Mara Kothi” which means “ Tree Monkey”. Well it was awesome fun then, but when you see a 25 -30 year old man trying to attempt the same, you would just want to LYAO. Trust me this guy was jumping and hanging at every reachable branch. So Our Mr Tarzan was thoroughly enjoying his game, when the guard came running and landed a whack on his butt with the laathi. Mr Tarzan jumps to the ground, gets abused by the security guard and scampers from the scene in shame. Well Mr Tarzan, your heroic deed didn’t win you Jane, but definitely gave you pain (I’m sure his butt hurt like hell!!)
With all these funny people around, who really amused me, what caught my attention was this sweet old couple who were sitting on the steps, smiling and talking. The lady then leaned against the man and put her head on his shoulder. For some reason, I found it really sweet. At that age, they still shared the same love and passion that they had probably 30-40 years ago. And now that’s what I call Aging Gracefully!!
So that’s how I spent my Sunday evening, observing people, laughing and smiling. Some funny moments, some awkward ones, some sad and some sweet ones. That’s why world d is such a special place, because different people make it special J

9 thoughts on “An Evening in Sankey!!

  1. Yes Ashu, this is pretty much a similar scenario in most of the jogging parks. Its just that people would not have paid much attention. My whole purpose of writing this blog, was that when people read it they would be like ” Oh yes, I have also seen someone like that”. And your comment made me feel that I hit the nail right.Thanks a lot 🙂


  2. Hey mithila 🙂 Very well written 🙂
    few months back when i was going for walk cum jog to sankey ,i got to experience the same 🙂 you have put them in words so well 🙂


  3. The thought flow is very natural & its pretty evident that we've been surrounded by variety of people. So for all those who think bangalore has nothing good bout. Hit the sankey for a walk & u'll need no more entertainment 🙂 well written mithila.. Keep it going.. Its filled with humor & fun 🙂


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